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Dangers From Not Changing Furnace Filters

With so much going on in your world, changing your furnace filter might seem like a huge inconvenience. When you get to it, you’ll get to it- meaning you leave your dirty filters in for months. Even years. What you fail to realize is that refusing to change furnace air filters presents multiple health and safety hazards. From minor risks to life-threatening dangers, here’s a list of what could happen if you don’t change your furnace air filters on a regular basis.

1. Dust circulation - When furnace air filters go unchanged for long periods of time, dust builds up, clogging air flow. This results in a higher concentration of dust particles in the hot air flowing through your home. If anyone in your family suffers from allergies, look for your dusty air to make them miserable. More importantly, if you have an asthmatic child or spouse, life will be completely miserable for them. Replacing furnace air filters on a regular basis will keep the air clear in those cold months when stuffy noses and sneezes plague you the most.

2. Toxic fumes - As a furnace struggles to warm air through clogged filters, it may develop leaks. A furnace produces gases that prove harmful to inhale. For instance, a furnace might leak carbon dioxide, which is the gas we exhale. Breathing high levels of carbon dioxide can cause headaches, blind spots, dizziness, and sweating. On the extreme end, overexposure to carbon dioxide due to leaks caused by unclean furnace air filters can result in death.

3. Damaged furnace - Since using dirty furnace filters makes your furnace work harder than normal to push out hot air, your furnace begins to run inefficiently. As it struggles to heat your home, it sucks up dust and grime, which can seriously damage the insides. Allowing this to happen to your furnace will inevitably cut down on its longevity, forcing you to go furnace shopping. And who wants to pay for a new furnace, much less the high installation costs?

4. Furnace fires and explosions - While it may seem extreme, it’s possible for a furnace to catch fire and even explode. How does this happen? Well, as previously stated, not changing furnace air filters forces your furnace to work too hard. It also allows your furnace to get dirty, which can lead to all sorts of damages. These problems left alone for long periods of time could cause sparks, fires, and explosions- all which would threaten the lives of home occupants. For example, as the flow of air in your furnace declines, the heat produced can increase. The larger variance in temperatures that your furnace will experience can eventually crack it, leading to an explosion.

With so many possible dangers looming, why put your family in jeopardy? Air filter renewal and delivery services exist to deliver furnace air filters to your door each time you need to replace them. Not only does this serve as a reminder, it’s also a huge convenience. So keep your family healthy and safe by finding an air filter delivery service that’s right for you.